Masimo Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter


Masimo Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter

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Condition: Refurbished
Product Number: 605205V

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A fully-featured hand-held pulse oximeter with the accuracy and reliability of Masimo SET, perfect for both continuous monitoring and spot-check applications. The Masimo SET technology is scientifically and clinically proven to provide accurate oximetry measurements during motion and low perfusion.

  • Lightweight, convenient handheld device with a long battery life—over 30 hours on 4 AA batteries
  • User configurable power up default settings
  • Sleep Mode allows clinicians to disable audio tones and LEDs
  • Up to 72 hours of trending memory
  • Perfusion Index (PI) indicates arterial pulse signal strength and may be used as a diagnostic tool during low perfusion
  • Signal I.Q. (SIQ) bar for signal identification and quality indication during motion and low signal to noise situations
  • FastSat tracks rapid changes in arterial O2 with unmatched fidelity
  • SmartTone™ beeps in sync with pulse, even under patient motion conditions
  • Sensitivity options: APOD™, Normal and MAX
  • Audible and visual alarms for High/Low Saturation, Pulse Rate, Sensor Off and Low Battery
  • Optional protective boot cover with built in table-top stand

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